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Education Par Excellence

We provide quality education to the 21st century generations, keeping pace with our traditional culture & values.


Quality teaching, students centred learning, outstanding facilities, ample extra curricular activities & academic services are the hallmark of our college philosophy.

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Student’s Voice

What Tritonians say about Triton and Family

I find Triton a safe and trust-worthy heaven to pursue my education. It's more as a learning center than a teaching one and hospitable lectures are our assest and I feel proud to saty that I am a Tritonian. I urge to all the students to come to be a Tritonian.

Prabin Shrestha BBS, Second Year

I was eager to join one of the top colleges in Kathmandu. I rushed to several colleges and finally decided to join Triton. I found excellent teaching facilities, co-operative environment and effetive management. Thank you Triton!

Hemu Moktan BA, Third Year

Triton is dynamic, vibrant institution which delivers creative and standard education. It comprises of good teaching, learning environment with qualified and amiable teachers. I am more pleased to have been a part of this fabulous institution.

Pratima Prajapati BA, Third Year

I found all the teachers and staffs competent, intelligent and dedicated who willingly contribute endless hours rendering quality education, maintaining discipline and over all moulding us to compete with the Hi-tech world of this 21st century.

Dhan Kumar Tamang BBS, First Year

Triton is the right platform where your dreams are nurtured & laid towards the path of success. It is the most congenial learning environment which has taken my studies to the bright arena from where I can see a brighter tomorrow.

Umesh Bhattarai Management XII

I am proud to be a part of Triton College. Perfect academic environment, friendly teachers, and all necessary facilities and support from management. If you want that you deserve, Triton is the best pathway to walk.

Reshma Maharjan BA, Second Year

Computer & Science Labs

The well-equipped resourceful separate lab with well-trained lab instructors decorates the teaching & learning quality in an advantageous way. The regular supervision & friendly environment enthusiast the students love to learn.
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Medical Facilities

Medical facilities are available in the college premises for all minor injuries throughout the year during college hours. Besides these, basic health services are also provided to the students through the reputed doctors and nurses.
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Spacious Classrooms

Having presence of students from different parts and corners of the Valley, our Institution has transportation facilities for different routes at different timings of day.
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Aims & Objectives

To deliver top-notch quality education in all our courses- HSEB, under-graduate and postgraduate studies.

To enable a student to become a professional who has self-direction, social responsibility to obey and follow as well as to lead and command the nation.

To polish young individuals into outstanding personalities.

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